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Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
You want what? You need it when?? No problem!

Today’s manufacturers face an ever-increasing demand to provide a greater array of product options and customizations, with a rapid response on pricing, and just-in-time fulfillment cycles. Infor Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) will help endear you to your customers by providing your organization with an intuitive product configuration engine that delivers exactly what your customer wants, when and where they need it, in a way that maximizes margins by eliminating waste, streamlining labor requirements and increasing order accuracy. 

The key benefits of CPQ include:

  • A simplified, comprehensive product configuration tool.
  • An empowered, confident sales force that can increase profits by offering a wider variety of features and higher margin options.
  • Building your brand and reputation by differentiating yourself - starting with a precise order through rapid fulfillment.
  • Achieving unparalleled customer loyalty by consistently delivering on a level where your competition won't, or simply can’t.

AGS has the resources you need to define, configure and deploy your Infor CPQ initiative.

Click Here to see a full list of Infor’s CPQ functionality and capabilities.

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