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Infor Xi - Flawless Integration

Infor XiInfor’s Xi allows companies to experience the elegance and simplicity of a fully connected, unified enterprise computing platform. The technologies embedded within Xi were designed to flawlessly integrate systems to address the widest variety of emerging business needs. This is accomplished via cutting edge technologies such as:

  • ION - Infor’s HTML5-based integration tool, with a graphical mapper for building process flows
  • Business Intelligence - integrated deeply throughout the core of Xi, you will be empowered to extract unparalleled BI content and data insights. Infor’s acquisition of Birst will take your networked analytics to a whole new level, so you can make trusted, smarter decisions.
  • Ming.le - Coupled with Infor’s new Hook & Loop UX, collaboration and business process management has never looked so slick or worked so elegantly.
  • Document Management - Infor’s single document management interface assures that you can find, manage, share and secure your documents - all in one place.

Augment Global stands poised to deliver the Xi systems integration talent that will eliminate your silos of data and elevate your disparate systems onto one elegant, integrated, scalable, secure platform. AGS and Infor Xi enables you, “the Maestro”, to transform noise into a flowing melodic masterpiece.

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For a fantastic VISUAL example of flawless system integration,

For those who don't know, the 4-Way Cross maneuver that begins at 5:34 is theoretically impossible, as it requires two people to occupy the same space at the same time. Seeing is believing.

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