Business Development

Over the last two decades, the principals of AGS have watched as some of our clients experienced parabolic growth, while others stagnated, and sadly, some ultimately failed. The universal issue affecting either their continued success or eventual failure lies in the organization’s ability to capitalize on market opportunities and/or weather unforeseen demand fluctuations.The challenge is always the same: Does your Business Development team have the drive, network, knowledge and overall ability to effectively build, bridge and leverage valuable business relationships?

Let AGS help you address and overcome that challenge.

One of our most successful verticals is the Business Development practice.  We are consistently able to delve into our extensive network of top performers by industry, entice and deliver those rain-makers to our clients.

The sectors we typically serve would include, but are not limited to:

  • Software, Data & Business Analytics Sales
  • Industrial Chemicals, Catalysts, and related Petroleum product sales
  • Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Engineered Product and Service sales
  • Land Lease and Mineral Asset acquisitions and divestitures
  • Engineering (EPC) Service sales
  • Industrial Construction, Maintenance, and Turnaround Service Sales
  • Environmental Service Sales
  • Mapping & Survey Service Sales
  • Business Consulting & Staffing Service sales
  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition (in-sourced or RPO)

One of the primary elements of success lies in a Salesperson’s conviction and the ability to have faith in the product or service they represent to the market.  In that same regard, we at AGS have full faith in our ability to align the right Business Development person with the right opportunity. But we don’t just believe it – we guarantee it.

At AGS, we stand behind our Business Development services and offer a one-year free replacement guarantee on each and every person we place within our client’s organization.


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Business Development