Clients typically engage Augment Global Solutions in one or more of five ways:

  • Consulting / Contract Staff Augmentation:  
    Augment Global prides ourselves on the ability to provide cost effective subject matter expertise to your short-term or long-term projects.  Additionally, we offer flexible solutions due to unforeseen spikes in business, long-term medical, family or maternity leave, or to provide coverage during those times where existing internal staff members are temporarily repurposed.
  • Payrolling / Staff Leasing Solutions:
    Often our clients will have a resource identified, such as a former or recently retired employee, that they need to perform a specific role for a defined time, but are unable to employ as full-time headcount.  In those instances, AGS can payroll that resource at a deeply discounted hourly rate.
  • Contract-To Hire
    One of the most expensive and disruptive things that can happen to a cohesive team is for an organization to inadvertently hire the wrong person.  Many of our clients have opted to engage a resource initially on a contract basis in order to more effectively gauge that person’s “fit” within the existing team or corporate dynamic over time.  AGS will always allow our consultants to be approached for a staff role with the client.
  • Contingent Search:
    When your team has the need to add a full-time staff member, AGS will deploy our recruiting staff to find the absolute best fit for your organization.  We invest time on the front-end with the hiring authority to fully comprehend both the skills required to perform the role, as well as the industry background and interpersonal/professional nuances that will differentiate a great candidate from a good resume.
  • Retained Search:
    Many of our clients realize the value, personal attention, and ultimate cost savings associated with a retained search, especially for leadership-level talent.  It starts with a discounted rate from our typical contingent search, progresses with unparalleled customer service throughout the process, and the results are 100% guaranteed, typically within a greatly reduced time frame.


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